vMix Replay Operator Starter Template

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This template is designed for beginners to learn vMix Replay. It contains:

  • a vMix 26+ project bundle with EITHER
    • 2x Rocket League observer feeds!
    • 3x camera feeds of dodgeball sports action!
  • a BitFocus Companion config template for vMix replay operating
    • Worry no longer about the 'LIVE' button in the Replay Controller! My buttons simply work
  • a vMix shortcut template file for the ShuttlePro V2

Video Tutorial

There's a video series on my YouTube channel to accompany this bundle. Episode 1 covers the fundamentals of vMix Replay with keyboard & mouse usage. Episode 2 shows you how I use BitFocus Companion + Stream Decks to work MUCH faster than that, and teaches you how to customize those controls for yourself.

Required Software

To follow along, you'll need to install the following:

  • vMix (version 26 or later)
    • 60-day full-feature trial available for free at vmix.com
  • BitFocus Companion (aka 'Companion')
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vMix Replay Operator Starter Template

6 ratings
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